Purchasing The Perfect Designer Dress for Indian Summers

Beautiful Branded Dresses from DesignemporiaSo summers are finally here and it brings with it all those cool things that we craved for all winter but couldn’t enjoy because we couldn’t our damn tonsils flaring up again. That sinfully deliciously orange ice-candy and iced lemonade that we guzzled by the glassful while watching cute girls in their cuter summer designer dresses play badminton in the park.

Designer Summer Kurtis

Summers are definitely the spring of Indian fashion. From Ethnic Indian kurtis to colourful skirts and tanks, girls really have a ball during this season. It’s a season to express yourself and try out some exciting new trends. It’s the season when style walks of the ramp and into your closet.

So if you’re what new designer wear you can invest in this season, here are a few interesting looks the style gurus of Designemporia.in have put together for your perusal.

The Designer Satyapaul Chiffon Saree

Satyapaul Designer Saree

The all important designer saree is the one garment you simply can’t do without. Since you’re no longer teenager, you should seriously consider investing in your first saree. But why buy anything off the rack, when there are these wonderful designer sarees by Satyapaul – a hallmark of quality and craftsmanship.

This chiffon Bollywood sarees would look great on any women and being whispy light and colorful – you can effortlessly look elegant and active in any occasion that requires you to dress in formals.

The Designer Summer Kurti

The designer kurti has taken not just India but the world by storm. In fact the other day a friend of mine saw Jenifer Aniston shopping Hollywood Boulevard in an ethnic Indian kurti and said that hadn’t looked so pretty in a long, long time. The kurti is the perfect summer designer dress. The slightest bit of embroidery around the neckline makes it festive and the cuts accentuate and elegantly highlight your curves.

Designer Party Dresses

Designer party dresses may cost a bomb but that won’t be the case if you care to browse through the extensive catalogue of designers who have opened their online boutiques in Design Emporia. The dresses by Geisha Designs look really elegant and are handcrafted from the finest material available.


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