Don’t Mess with the Traditional Indian Saree


While designers like Satyapaul, Manish Malhotra and Sabyasachi are known for their gorgeous designer sarees and treat the garment with the reverence it demands, a new crop of designers seem hell bent on mutilating its innate elegance in the name of creative freedom. The style gurus of Design Emporia – one of India’s biggest Fashion eCommerce portals speak up against this new trend which has assaulted the sartorial aesthetics of saree buffs across the country.

This new trend is simply an attempt by fashion designers who want to sex up the saree, and in doing so they have transformed the this gorgeous six yards of unstitched wonder into fancy beach wear or trendy mini skirts. The most traditional of Indian attire is being stripped of its innate sensuality and mystic and is being lapped up fashion journalists, who are hailing this trend as the new fashion renaissance.


In its present form the saree is just perfect as it is. Why do you think it has survived for thousands of centuries retaining its original form? Obviously one has to thank Bollywood for India’s enduring love for the saree and every generation has seen at least one goegeous diva bring bring back the saree with a bang. If the 80s and 90s belong to the likes of Sri Devi and Madhuri Dixhit, the basition was then taken up by Aishwarya Rai (Devdas) and Sushmita Sen (Main Hoon Na). Currently, its Vidya Balan who oozes sensuality every times she makes an appearance in a designer couture saree.

Forget Bollywood; in its present style and form, the loveliness of the garment has ensured an ever increasing tribe of admirers across the world. From political and sports celebrities to Hollywood stars, we have numerous examples of international beauties going into raptures over the diverse designs, colours and fabrics of the saree. So we believe that its nothing more than severe error in fashion judgement to believe that clumsily tucking the  saree into a pair for shorts is important make the garment ‘modern’. The saree doesn’t need the kind of revival which is being attempted by the current batch of designers.

No less crazy is the idea that designer couture sarees are non-functional when worn in the traditional style. We have all grown up around women who effortlessly wore the saree which done some very complicated household chores. When slipping into the couture version of the ensemble for an outing or a get together, they seemed equally at ease.


If we dig deeper into history, we’ll find that Rani Laxhmibai of Jhansi fought the might of the British army in a hand to hand combat wearing what? You got that right – a saree. So arguing that shortening the length of the sari, along the lines of trousers and skirts will make it a more wearable garment is nothing but foolishness on the part of our designers.

Lets just preserve the mystic and beauty of the saree.


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